With New Service, Any Device Could Run Almost Any Program From Anywhere

It is always interesting to read the latest advances in computers, phones, iphones, iPad’s Blackberries, and the works. As each invention becomes, within the matter of a few short years- obsolete, it leaves us to contemplate those other unsung inventions which seem to survive with relatively few variations on the theme. The bicycle, though it under-gos periodical evolutions in style, and building materials, still seems to follow the same basic engineering principals, and even today is the world’s vehicle of the common man.


In the near future, the only difference between a smartphone, tablet, and a laptop will be the size of the screen. Hardcore gamers could play 3D intensive games in a smartphone, and Michael Bay could render “Transformers 4” from his iPad. Otoy, an LA-based software company, has discovered a way to stream any application to any device, completely through a web browser. It’s difficult to overestimate the potential disruptiveness of Otoy, as a breakthrough streaming service could, in the near future, end the need for app stores and computer upgrades (see a demo below).

Otoy has a habit of impressing the tech press with its surprising ability to stream 3D intensive graphics to devices that shouldn’t be able to run them. Since Otoy’s 2009 demo, there’s been a rush of companies in the ever more crowded “cloud” services industry, such as Onlive’s streaming video gaming. Up until now, video…

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