A big enough bike- Finding the right size

An often over-looked challenge, and certainly one with a great deal of stigma and social-pressure attached to it, is the oft-repeated message that one should “lose weight” or suffer the consequences which include negative stereotypes such as “lazy, irresponsible, weak, ” or “gross”.

Bike riding happens to be a great solution, for conquering the struggle. An excellent form of exercise, and an ideal form of transportation, it can be one of the funnest  activities there is.

But what if one is already overweight to the point where some bikes such as road bikes and standard racing bikes, make one shudder at the sight?

Will one of those skinny little racing bikes, with a seat as narrow as a banana fit comfortably, or even hold up? I should think it would appeal about as much, as being a size 22, and going into a store that only carries up to size 16, meanwhile enduring looks from size 00 clerks who lack sympathy. Discouraging, to say the least. In almost no instance of shopping can it be fun to be told that nothing will work for you, thus being singled out and excluded.

But; in this case, there is a great solution. There are industrial trikes, recumbent bicycles of multiple brands, some quite interesting, not to mention beautiful. And of these different varieties, several can easily handle weights of 350, 400, and even 500 lbs.¬† In Jack’s Bicycle shop, in Dearborn Michigan there is a select line of bicycles which are beautifully suited to carry curvy or extremely hefty riders. And for those on the opposite side of the struggle, there are sturdy, safe bicycles for very light-weight and elderly riders, in styles such as the “Fold and Go”. For weighty-riders; there is the Trident Titan, the Explorer in True Bikes, the green machine, the PAV3 and several more. And we will help, with patience and diligence in finding the perfect bike for the customer.